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I am a psychoeducator.  After completing a bachelor's degree in philosophy at Laval University, in Québec city, I moved to Trois-Rivière, to do a bachelor's degree in psychology, a propedeutique in psychoeducation and a master's degree in psychoeducation.   I have worked with Native Americans for 8 months at the Waseskun Healing Center, in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez.  Since 2001, I have been working with child care service in the French section.  In 2005,  I was a supervisor for a group of students at Montreal University.  Although still with child care service, I have recently started to work in the private sector. 

I am an optimist and hard-working person, devoted to helping others through their own challenges of life.  I believe that we can all overcome difficult moments, because we all have the potential within us.  Sometimes though, we need a mirror to see ourselves better, to make the necessary changes in our ways of thinking, our emotions and our behaviors in order to achieve our goals. 

2008-2016 Worked as a Psychoeducator, for Centre Jeunesse de Montreal

2005-2006 Supervisor for a group of students at the University of Montreal

2001-2008 Educator for Centre Jeuness de Montreal

2000-2001 Worked with Native Americans at the Waseskun Healing Center


*Co-author of an articile in the Revue Québécoise de la déficience Intellectuelle

*Congrès : Presentation of a poster at the Shawinigan AQIS congres (Mai 2000)

*Congrès : Presentation of a poster at the American Association In Mental Retardation, Washington D.C. (juin 2000)

*Final Report CQRS SR-3508 2000-2001-Recension des écrits sur l'apport des TIC

*Article in the  Revue Défie Jeunesse -Mars 2002 -Centre Jeunesse MTL 

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