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Managing your anger may help you to avoid falling into the pattern of being violent or living it. Physical violence, psychological violence, moral violence, all have the same goal : to hurt someone.   But, the way each type of violence will hurt varies.  Violence affects one's integrity.  There is physical integrity, moral integrity, and there is psychological integrity.  There can also be economical integrity.  The minute your normal internal stability is being disrupted without your consent, there is a good chance you are living some sort of violence.  But, this is not sufficient to say that one is undergoing violence, because others could argue that your moral, physical or psychological state is abnormally weak.  So how can we know if what we are living or doing is violence?

The nature of the act has something to do with it, yes; but, the impact is also a very important, if not more, to consider in the process of determining if it is really violence. Type your paragraph here.