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Procedures concerning requests for a derogation to the age of admission to Preschool and Primary Education

  • Your teenage boy is into gangs, taking drugs, loafing school.

  • You are not getting along at work, having difficulties with your boss, or coworkers.

  • You feel depressed or under stress, unable to perform your house choirs or even perform up to standard at work.

  • You feel inadequate and can't seem to rub off the feeling that you will fail at everything.

  • You have had thoughts to put an end to your suffering, in a drastic way, by committing the ultimate act "suicide".

  • You have been having difficulty obtaining good results at school (high school, college, university).​

  • You would like to better understand the ins and out of child care services.

  • You would like to understand how works the laws of child protection.

  • You need support to help focus on achieving a goal in life. 

Examples of situations where I can come in and help.

The Psychoeducator!

     I have been practicing the job of psychoeducator since 2005.  What is psychoeducation?  It is an approach that derives from psychology and sociology.  The psychoeducator has a master degree that allows him to help people to adapt to different difficulties such as anxiety, depression, violence, behavioral problems (ADHD or ODD).  He can help a person, a couple, a group of persons, and families, to overcome their problems by setting up a well determined action plan or program that will provide the proper objectives and means to alleviate the problems.  To find out more about the competencies and responsabilities of the psychoeducator, you can consult the following site web :