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Anxiety and stress, two similar but still different ideas that often can confuse people.  Anxiety is a more complex and challenging problem because it's source remains unclear to the person.  There is a more neuronal complex to anxiety compared to the neuronal explanation to stress.  Sometimes anxiety strikes you with out you really knowing why.  But, stress is much more obvious, because the stressful situation is easily assessed, determined.   Usually we tend to believe with good reason that stress is normal and actually important, because it stimulates the organism (the human) creating proper motivation to change things for the better. But, like we say, to much external stress will drain our energy leaving us incapable to manage our life.  When stress results from a mental internal distorted perception of something (external or internal), then can arise a feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness that translates into what we commonly consider to be "anxiety."  Thus, anxiety is a more complicated and irrational state, like an overreaction to something that remains unclear.  Stress management is far often more easy to treat than anxiety for the above reasons. 

The similarity between anxiety and stress derives from the symptoms (observable behaviors or attitudes) : accelerated heart beats, hands wet, fear related reactions such as  : fight, flight or immobile.